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12G-sdi 2-way (bidirectional units)

◦ 4 self-sufficient 12G-SDI connections per unit 

  (2x transmitting | 2x receiving)

◦ 4 Neutrik SDI built-in sockets

◦ 4 fiber connections via Duplex-LC SM socket

  (interoperable with Neutrik opticalCON DUO)

◦ power supply via Neutrik True1 Connector

◦ Status LED for every 12G-SDI connection

◦ 1U Rack Mount 

◦ automatic identification from HD to 12G-SDI

◦ 10 Bit HD/3G/6G-SDI video in- and outputs

◦ 16 embedded audio-channels (respectively receiving and transmitting)

◦ internal signal reclocking

◦ latency-free video transmission via fiber

  (SM up to 20km | MM up to 2km)

42_12g_sdi_2 way-04 Front Links_freigstellt.png
42_12g_sdi_2 way-09 Back Rechts_freigstellt.png
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