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fiber 4-way box QSEAL

fiber_4-way_QSEAL-04 Front Links.png
fiber_4-way_E-Link-09 Back Rechts.png

motionfiber 4-way box QSEAL serves as the passive junction point for fiber optic connections between two or more positions.

It provides the user with 8 individual singlemode or multimode fibers. The two 4-channel E-Link sockets on the front allow easy connection of the individual junction positions.

Our fiber "hot patch" procedure ensures the highest possible flexibility, enabling all signals to be distributed latency-free between the junction positions. The QMINI connector is also compatible with OpticalCon Quad connectors.


  • 2 self-sufficient QSEAL Connectors with 4 singlemode fiber channels per QSEAL

  • Safe plug-in connection

  • 2 intuitive fiber patch panels, each with 2 Duplex-LC single-mode sockets. These sockets are interoperable with Duplex LC and Neutrik opticalCON DUO connectors.


  • 8 singlemode fibers available on each unit

  • 1U Rack Mount design.


  • no power supply necessary

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