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fiber 18-way box

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motionfiber 18-way box serves as the passive junction point for fiber optic connections between two or more positions.

It provides the user with 36 individual singlemode or multimode fibers. The two 18-channel E-Link sockets on the front allow easy connection of the individual junction positions.

Our fiber "hot patch" procedure ensures the highest possible flexibility, enabling all signals to be distributed latency-free between the junction positions.


  • 2 self-sufficient E-Link Hermaphroditic Connectors with 18 singlemode fiber channels per E-Link

  • Safe plug-in connection facilitated by the E-Link ring-lock system.

  • 2 intuitive fiber patch panels, each with 9 Duplex-LC single-mode sockets. These sockets are interoperable with Duplex LC and Neutrik opticalCON DUO connectors.

  • 36 singlemode fibers available on each unit

  • 3U Rack Mount design.


  • no power supply necessary

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