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18-way fiber e-link cable

e-link Connectors are rugged, multi-channel hermaphroditic fiber optic connectors.

The e-link Connectors are environmentally sealed for long service life in demanding applications.

The Hermaphroditic Ring Lock Connector System allows the connection of multiple plug-and-play cable assemblies to extend the total length of the fiber optic connection up to 100km.

e-link Connectors are used in Oil & Gas, Mining, Factory Automation, Heavy Equipment, Marine, Broadcast, Medical, Military,

Aerospace, and Defense for Communications, Audio / Video, and Sensing Applications.


  • the hermaphroditic design allows multiple cables to be directly connected without adapters (e-link ring-lock-system)

  • Safe plug-in connection facilitated by the E-Link ring-lock system.

  • Sealed to IP68

  • 18 channel singlemode fiber cable up to 100km length

  • transport on a stackable Schill cable drum with motionfiber Cable protection sleeves

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