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4-way fiber cable QMINI

QMINI is a hermaphroditic connector allowing multiple plug-to-plug cable assemblies to be combined to extend the length of a system.


These connectors are available with two or four channels and with singlemode or multimode lenses. In addition to the standard plugs and receptacles, QPC offers 45 and 90 Degree Backshell options, and a Low Profile Backshell for Receptacles for applications with space.


A QMINI Receptacle to LC Adapter is also offered which provides a QMINI interface on one end and LC Duplex on the other.


• 2Ch / 4Ch Hermaphroditic Expanded Beam Connector System

• Plugs: With and without Rubber Grip, with Straight, 45, or 90 Degree Backshells

• Receptacles: Compatible D Flange Mount, with or without Backshells, QMINI to LC adapter

• Designed to MIL-DTL-83526/20 (Plug) & MIL-DTL-83526/21 (Jam Nut Receptacle)

• Intermateability: Tyco Pro Beam Jr., Amphenol TACBeam, Glenair GMA, Stratos HMA, Fibreco

  Junior, DiGiCo Compatible, Fiberfox Compatible.

• Sealed to IP68

• available lengths: 100m up to 2000m

• transport on a Schill cable drum with motionfiber Cable protection sleeves

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