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media extender 4k hdmi

◦ 2 self-sufficient 4K hdmi 2.0 connections per unit


◦ 2 gigabit network ports via Neutrik Ethercon connector


◦ fast lock connections for trussmount hook


◦ 4 safety eyelets arround the housing


◦ transmitter in 19“ housing (1U)


◦ connection between transmitter and receiver via motionfiber 4-way fiber cable.

   Integration into an existing fiber system is also possible 


◦ power supply via Neutrik PowerCon


◦ status LED for every hdmi connection


◦ HDMI standard 2.0


◦ resolutions up to 3840×2160p@60Hz

◦ HBR audio embedded


◦ latency-free video transmission via fiber

  (SM up to 20km | MM up to 2km)


◦ EDID transparent


◦ HDCP transparent


◦ available as Neutrik OpticalCON QUAD connector

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